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Patta Chitta: Online Status, View Land Ownership (தமிழ்நாடு நில தகவல்) [2023]

Today in this post we will know what is Patta Chitta. It is an online land record system Designed by the Government of Tamil Nadu. And how can you apply online from the help of the online portal of the Tamil Nadu government, sitting at home?

And in this, we will see that it has eligibility and document requirements. And will go through its main process. How to apply TN Patta Chitta with the help of eservices.tn.gov.in online portal as well as Patta verification, and how to renew it. I will know about this post.

Patta Chitta online

What is Patta?

Patta is an important document related to the Land Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu. It works by keeping a particular piece of land to the revenue department.

It is a legal document given by the Tamil Nadu government to the owner of the land, which is proof that this Land is the owner’s right to this person.
It is also known as the “Record of Rights” (ROR).

Patta includes specific information about the landowner.

  • The owner’s name of the property
  • Patta number
  • Survey No
  • Subdivision
  • Respective District Name
  • Taluk
  • Village
  • Dimensions or area
  • Tax details.
  • Whether the land is a Wetland
  • Dryland.

What is Chitta?

It is an important legal revenue document issued by the government. It contains information about immovable property. With the help of this document, citizens are shown details about land and revenue.

It is maintained by the Village Administration Officer (VAO) and the Taluka Office. The document includes many important details such as ownership, size, area, etc.

  • Wetland (Nanjing)
  • Dryland (Punjai)

The word “Nanjai” has a specific literal meaning that refers to land with water or canals, rivers, ponds. “Punjai” literally means an area that has fewer water bodies.

This important document has been released under the Government of Tamil Nadu. In 2015, the information available on the Patta and Chitta was merged by the government into a single Chitta and a letter. Now it is presently known as Pattachitta.

What is the Main Aim of Patta Chitta?

The main objective of the Patta and Chitta online portal is that the citizens of the state of Tamil Nadu can register their land online through this process so that they can see and make useful changes to their information whenever they want.

This is another important revolutionary step in the digitization process. Which is an important step for India to take Digital India further?

Important Document Required

You will need the main document to register in it online, whose list is given below.

  • Sale Deed (Original & Photocopy for Verification)
  • Proof of Paid Receipt Such as-
    • Tax Receipt
    • Electricity bill
  • Encumbrance certificate

आपको ऊपर दिए गए डॉक्युमेंट का होना अति आवक्षयक है। जिसके माध्यम से आप ऑनलाइन पंजीयन करा सकते है।

Applying for Patta Chitta Online (Register)

You will be able to register your land online easily by following the following process to register for the land in it.

  • First of all, you should visit the Official Site of the Tamil Nadu government.
registration process
registration process 2
  • After selecting, you click the submit button.
  • After this, you will be redirected to the new page, which you filled in the following information.
    • District
    • Taluk
    • Town
    • Ward
    • Block
    • Survey number
    • Sub-division number
registration process 3
  • After this, you enter the authentication value.
  • And click the submit button.
  • After the process is complete, you will get an online receipt by paying the payment. After this, your registration will be completed.

Application Fee

After registration, you have to make a partial payment of 100 Rupees to get the certificate of Patta Chitta, after which you can get your certification.

Patta Chitta eservice

This website has some main e-services which you will have to take advantage of when it comes time. The main services given below are given.

Process To Check Patta Chitta Online Status Tamilnadu

To check the online status of the Patta Chitta, you can easily check it by following the procedure given below.

check status
  • Go to the Main site via this link – Click here
  • Application ID Enter Captcha Values
  • Click get Status
  • Process is done

How To Verify Your Patta Certificate?

You can follow the following point by going to eservices.tn.gov.in to verify your leaf certificate.

  • Visit Official website
  • Click The Verify Patta
  • Type “Reference Number”
  • Click the Submit Button
  • Your Verify process is Done.

And as a more e services are available in this site. Just go to homepage select your option fill some require detail and that sit your process is complete.

  • How to Get Patta Number With Survey Number?
  • Patta Chitta FMB Map Download pdf

Transfer of Patta Chitta Document.

If you want to sell your land to someone else, then you have to transfer its document in the name of other persion. The process of which is explained below.

  • To transfer the application, you have to send it to the Tehsildar or the concerned officials of your district or your village.
  • After checking your document, you will get permission to transfer your document. This right rests with the officer.

Bhoomi Karnataka

Patta Chitta App Download for Windows & iPhone

If you want to take advantage of this service through your mobile, then with the help of your mobile, you will make your work very easy. This app is available at Android and iPhone Stores.

F&Q About Patta Chitta

Q.1 What is meant by patta chitta adangal in tamil?

Ans. A full document related to the Patta and Chitta Online Land Department is issued by the Tamil Nadu government.

Q.2 How to change name in patta chitta?

Ans. For this, you will have to go to their website and click on the option named Change.

Q.3 What is the difference between patta and chitta?

Ans. This is the same term in today’s time which was merged by this TN government in 2015.

Q.4 Why patta chitta is not working?

Ans. Sometimes this online portal does not work due to server down.

Now you have got all the information about the Patta Chitta. How this process works.
But I want to tell you that this is not an official website. The purpose of this website is to reach you about the welfare scheme of Indian & State Government.



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